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How to find, edit, and create tasks.

What are Tasks?

Tasks convert your garden plans into action. Tasks help you stay on top of gardening activities while also keeping your gardening timelines up to date. Tasks can be autogenerated from planting timelines, or you can create a custom task. Task Screens can be specific to one garden or include tasks from all the gardens you own or have edit privileges for.

Where do I find a list of tasks for all gardens I'm an owner or editor of?

The Task Screen visible after selecting Home from the side navigation menu includes tasks for all the gardens you own or have editing privileges for.

Where do I find a list of tasks for a specific garden?

To only see tasks for a specific garden and to add new tasks, from Home/Gardens, tap Details and then tap Tasks from the bottom navigation bar.

How are Tasks created?

Tasks are created from garden's planting timelines or you can create custom tasks.

Autogenerated Tasks

When you add a planting to your garden, tasks are automatically generated from required data about the planting:

  • Start date
  • Pull date

More tasks can be automatically generated by adding optional information about the planting:

  • Transplant date
  • First harvest date

Custom Tasks

To create a new task for a garden, navigate into that garden's "Details" section and open the planting bar for the planting the task is about. Tap +Tasks at tbe bottom right of the screen. Fill out the task details and hit Submit to save the task.

What if I want to reschedule a Task?

You can change the due date of a task from the Tasks Screen or Planting Details.

Update Task from Task Screen

From the Task Screen, tap the three dots at the top right of the Task Card. Select Update Task.

From the Update Task Screen you can change the:

  • Task title
  • Description
  • Due date

Once you've made the desired changes hit Submit. The Task Screen and Planting Timeline will be updated.

You cannot change the garden, crop/variety type or bed from this screen. At this time, the best way to make these changes is to make a new planting in the appropriate garden with the desired bed, crop, and variety.

Update Task from Planting Details

Tasks are also updated if you update the Planting. To update a planting, navigate to the Planting Timeline Screen and tap the plant timeline bar.

From Update Planting, you can change the planting dates, seed supplier, seed availability data, and if a greenhouse was used.

How do I delete a Task?

Select the three dots icon at the top right of the Task Card. Select Delete Task from the menu. Hit Delete to delete the task.