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Geo Garden Club is an application that connects you with other gardeners in your community to share garden plans, observations, and seeds. It provides practical garden planning support and easy record keeping so that you can easily learn from your successes and failures. Geo Garden Club was built upon the beliefs that:

Local data is what matters

When you register your Geo Garden Club app you will be placed in a local chapter based on your zip code. You will only see gardening data and observations from those in your chapter.

Discover local best practices by viewing chapter-wide outcome data for crops and varieties. Chapter timelines provide answers to when is best time in your area to grow a crop.

Easily track of your garden's outcomes and stop making the same mistakes twice.

Collaboration is essential

Work collaboratively with other gardeners by granting "edit" access to those who share in the task load.

Notifications and observations encourage communication between chapter members. Garden and chapter based chat rooms organize comversations to easily ask questions to the right group of gardeners.

Gardens are long term

Garden timelines support long term garden planning, winter crops, and biennial crops.

Seed saving and sharing builds resiliency

Seed saving is supported in garden timelines. Gardeners with seeds to share can add them to the chapter database. Gardeners looking for seeds can review available seeds and see the outcomes and planting timeline from their parent plant.