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Why Outcomes?

Outcomes are a way to track the success of your gardening practices for each planting. They are a way to build a local database of what varieties grow successfully with other users and a requirement for some badges like Crop Whisperer. Outcome categories are Germination, Yield, Flavor, Pest and Disease Resistance, and Appearance.

Plantings can be rated on a five point scale: 1 is the worst, and five is the best. Leaving a score of 0 means that you did not observe that quality. For example, if you had poor germination you may not have a rating for Flavor.

How is Outcome data used?

By recording outcome data for your plantings, you are contributing to a local database of what varieties grow successfully in your area. Gardeners can reflect on the outcomes data for their garden(s) and chapter-wide to make more informed decisions on what varieties to grow and when to grow them. What insights can be gained from aggregating outcome data from multiple plantings during a single season, or multiple plantings over multiple seasons, or multiple plantings across the entire chapter?

Where to find Outcomes

Outcomes are embedded into the Gardens, Crops, Varieties Index Screens. Find these index screens by opening the side navigation menu.

Let's look at outcomes by crop. Tap Crops in the side navigation menu to open the Crops Index Screen. In the Show/Hide Sections box, check Outcomes to have all of the outcomes displayed for each crop, or scroll to the crop and unhide the outcomes section.

You can find Outcomes specific to your gardens by navigating to the Garden Details Screen and selecting Outcomes from the bottom navigation menu.

How to use Outcomes

Let's look at Amaranth. It shows a rating of "good" for germination, one "good" and one rating of "excellent" for yield, and flavor, resistance, and appearance all have "excellent" ratings. A gardener could infer that is a good crop to grow in this area.

How to record Outcomes

Navigate to the Home/Gardens screen by selecting Home in the side navigation menu. You will be taken to your Home/Tasks Screen.

In the bottom navigation menu select Gardens.

Then find the garden in which the planting is located and tap Details. You will be taken to that garden's timeline screen. Select the planting bar to open the Planting Details Screen.

Select the pencil icon in the top right corner to open the Update Planting Screen.

Scroll down to the Outcomes section and update the Outcomes sliders based on the success of the planting. You can update some or all of the outcomes. If you did not observe a quality, leave the slider at 0.

When you are finished, select the Submit button at the bottom of the form to save your changes.