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Geo Garden Club believes that seed saving and sharing is a critical component of building resilient gardening communities. By saving seeds, gardeners can ensure that they have access to the varieties that grow best in their area. By sharing seeds, gardeners can help others in their community grow the same varieties.

In Timeline and Filter Screens, this period of time is noted in blue.

Planning for seed saving

If you are planning on collecting seeds from one of your crops, that could likely mean that the planting will need to remain in the garden for an extended period of time. You can denote an "End Harvest Time" in the planting's details screen to indicate the period of time between harvesting and when the plant is ultimately pulled from the bed and therefore no longer requiring bed space.

Offering seeds to other chapter gardeners

If you have seeds that you would like to offer to other chapter gardeners, you can add them to the chapter's seed database. To do this, tap the planting bar for the planting the seeds came from and tap the pencil icon to update the planting's details.

Then, in the planting's details, check the box in the Seeds Available field. Hit Submit to save your changes.

Receiving seeds from other chapter gardeners

To see a list of seeds chapter gardeners are sharing, navigate to the Chapters Index page through the side navigation menu. Expand the Seeds section and review the list of available seeds.

Seeds are named with the convention "Crop (Variety), Garden name." You can then navigate to that garden's chat room to inquire about the possibility of receiving seeds.

Seed saving resources

Contact your local seed guild for resources on how to properly grow seeds.